Sharing some Shopping plans..

It’s dreary Saturday in October.. raining a bit today so I’m spending some much-needed time online looking for items for organizing, gardening, and such around the house.  replanting for spring planting already, it’s never too early.  There are also the animals to take care of and I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to reduce feed costs, make the animal areas better and so forth.

The first item I’m looking at is this Garden Leaf & Waste Bags

Here’s a link to the ones I’m considering


Why these?  That part is easy.  Re-usable!  I plan to use these to clear away the old garden plants and dump those into the chicken area this week to get picked over for veggies that didn’t quite ge ripe and greens. After that these won’t get put away.. I’ll be collecting all the leaves from my maple trees in them.  This will be winter munchies for my rabbits.  They don’t get a TON of leaves every day since that wouldn’t be healthy and they eat them like they are potato chips.  But a handful now and then for them to play in and munch on will keep them VERY happy for the no growing seasons her in NY!

The next thing I’m looking at is this 4 tier greenhouse REPLACEMENT COVER.

Here’s a link in case you’re in need of one too


This isn’t the entire greenhouse, I already have that, this is the cover.  Mine ripped a few years ago and while I’ve “fixed” it, it’s just not the same.  Let me tell you, it’s the best price I’ve seen on Amazon for this and it’s REALLY going to let me gt some of those harder plants started come January.  That means I cn get into canning earlier and get more food put back so I’m spending less money during the off growing months, which when you come right down to it,  SAVING MONEY means more in my pocket for other things!

The next item I’m looking at is the Parachute Camping Hammock wit Mosquito Net

Here it is:


This one is going into Backpacks, which we use for hiking, camping and keep packed as bug out bags.

It’s all well and good to have a quick tent and bags, but if you don’t HAVE to sleep on the ground, why do it?  I think these are small and light enough to work out perfectly during the warmer months, and these will keep us up off the ground and bug bite free!  Both can be very important in an emergency situation, who wants to be miserable covered in bites when you’re already going through a rough time?

Next up on my new shopping list is this Portable Collapsible Multifunctional Folding Outdoor Basin Bucket

Here’s a link to it:


While those plastic collapsible water bottles are fine, I’ve found they seem leave a LOT to be desired.  So I’ve moved up JUST A BIT from that to these.  They collapse down flat and can carry more water than those plastic things.  They can also be used to wash dishes in as a sink of sorts.

Those are my top picked for Bug out Bags and Hiking/camping gear, but these items also fit into my shopping agenda

Hammock Straps – Extra Strong, Long, Heavy Duty & Lightweight

Here’s a link of course:


These I’ll using in the back yard.  Since I’m not planning to bug out but more to bug in, having these around can be very handy, just using them in the summer around my big old trees to laze about on hot days in my hammocks is a great idea for the family.  I like the idea of stronger straps when I’m not worrying about carrying things around.

Backseat Car Organizer is next.

Here’s a link:


This one os going in my car.  I’ll be putting things like first aid items, fire starting items, small trade items and just random stuff I’m not going to want to dig through my car emergency get home bag for so if I need them people won’t see that I actually have a larger get home bag available.  You never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in, and with things organized in this you could put extra stuff you might need into your pockets before having to take off from the car if necessary!

My last item is for around the house and personally…Expandable 50FT Garden Water Hose

Here’s a link:



Just because I think I need more hoses but they take up WAY too much space, so for the garden I’ll be getting this, it’s small and tucks away the end of the season without taking up nearly as much space as my rolled up regular garden hoses, this is going to free up space out in the garage for other things, possibly dry food storage!

Hoses might become a necessity if something SHTF wise because I’ll be needing to move water from my sources to where I can use it and carrying it.. just isn’t going to be a “want” to do thing if I can use hoses it will make things faster and easier

So.. thanks for joining me on my shopping adventure today, I hope it gives you some useful ideas!


NKTM Kitchen Aid Cover – product review

I got this kitchen Aid cover from NKTM for my old beast.  I have been just hanging a towel over him to keep him dust free but when I saw this cover I knew it was perfect new clothes for him.

The thing that really got me with this is the extra pockets.  Now I can tuck extra paddles away and keep the booklet that comes with him right all together, before things were tucked in drawers and such and I was always having to look for them.  Now, when I take him out , they are all right there.

This is made of a nice silky pot holder quilted type material that looks great on my counter top, you know he is under there just waiting to make that next batch of cookies or loaf of fresh-baked bread!

Here’s where you can grab one of your own!


I ordered black which goes perfectly with my kitchen Aid and other appliances 🙂


I love that this has pockets for all my paddles and accessories!  No more lost items in drawers!


The pockets are DEEP so you can fit many items in them.


Doesn’t he look all sae and snuggled into his new cover??


This nice quilting will keep him safe and dust free!




Outdoor Solar Powered String Lights, easyDecor Bright White Silver

Another set of excellent solar lights, these have 200 lights and are called bright white. I call them Silver because they look more slver than white to me.  Something to have around to use in a power outage, it can make the differene between being miserable in the dark or having the light to move around your home when you havea storm or something happens to the grid in your area.





MagicLux Tech Garden Solar Outdoor Lights Water Drop

I got these MagicLux Garden and decor solar lights.

I plan to use them on my pole bean trellis to create a outside christmas tree for the holiday this year.  It will take several sets to do this but I have several on the way.

These are also good to keep around in a power outage.  They last most of the night with a good charge and can help you get around your house when you have no power.  Definately a must have item in your stoage or use tem every day to keep them well charged.



NKTM Net Drying Rack – Product Review

I have to share this Drying rack.. I’ve been wanting a large greens drying rack for a long time.  My Intention is to use it to cut down on feed costs by drying my own “hay” from when I mow my lawn.. I’m currently in the process of replanting to orchard grass and alfalfa.

I really love this little rack, it’s easy to hang where I need it, and folds down into almost nothing when I’m not using it.  MUCH better than the sweater drying racks I was using.

While I’m using them for hay, they would work to dry clothing, hold stuffed animals in a child’s room, bath tub toys..

Check it out here:


** I did recieve this item as a promotion to test and review.

NKTM Vegetables and fruits Nylon Trellis – Product Review

As you might have learned over the last few days, I’m a reviewer for new products that are sold on Amazon, and I pass on a small portion of those reviews here to you my readers.   The ones I post here are things I find for gardening, prepping, or becoming more self sustained.

Today, I have this

NKTM Vegetables and fruits Nylon Trellis

I really like this garden trellis and if you grow pickling cucumbers, you’d love this too!   I’ll post my video review here for you to check out.

Tactical Belt – Product Review

His self wanted a belt to keep the smaller things on that always fall to the bottom of his pack.  So we checked this one out.  I think you’ll like it and who wants to dig for a first aid kit when you’e bleeding right?


NKTM Vegetable Bird Netting Review

As always I found a product that I wanted, usually I alter the use of the item and this time is no different.

This is NKTM Vegetable Netting meant to keep bird from getting to your vegetables and fruits. Most often things like Cherry trees and berry bushes.

However I saw this and saw a totally reversed use for it and have used it to cover my chicken run to keep birds IN and not out… Check it out!

Since my turkeys can actually SEE this netting it’s been a great training deterrent!


Short Rabbit Update

I did a short rabbit update video, I’m linking here.

These are meat rabbits, not pet rabbits, so the goal is to get them to weight with as little cost as possible.

Using this rabbit tractor I’ve been giving them fresh lawn to chew on all day long and that’s cut down on the feed they need to be eating.